This is an amalgamation of our professional courses tailored to suit your need.


  • Introduction to System Networking
  • Introduction to Wireless Systems and Networks
  • Network Planning and Engineering
  • Microwave Transmissions & Wireless Network Planning
  • Microwave Transmissions and Network Engineering
  • GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication 2G to 3G)
  • 3rd Generation (3G) Network Engineer
  • BTS Engineering

  • At the end of this training program it's very unlikely to remain unemployed or at the same career level. It also comes with an optional internship program with any of the Telecoms Company or telecoms servicing companies.


  • Corporate training - 1 month
  • Individual training - 6 months (weekdays)
  • Learning Process - Flexible
  • Benefits

    Diploma in Data Communication Engineering is a hybrid course and is one of the most sought after professions in the telecoms industry as it stands you out as a professional with exceptional skills and can also pay your bills as an entrepreneur. This is a highly sought after professional skill in the labor market with high pay package and benefits.