This course focuses on both the management of product quality and the management of the process quality for creating project deliverables. It provides exposure to the tools, techniques, and metrics used to ensure that sufficient product and process quality is achieved in projects. It includes assignments which allow participants to learn how to plan quality into a project and determine key metrics to manage project and process quality.

Who Should Attend?

This course is primarily designed for engineers, project managers and supervisors, quality control and quality assurance personnel and anyone with interest in quality planning, control and supervision. This includes exposure to basic project management techniques such as scope, activity, and resource planning.

What you will learn

  • An understanding of the relationship among quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control
  • An understanding of numerous tools and techniques which can be used to monitor and improve quality
  • The ability to develop and track key quality metrics to satisfy customer needs
  • The ability to determine process metrics to maintain quality standards
  • An understanding of the responsibilities of senior management, the project manager, and project team members to ensure the existence of an adequate quality management process

  • What is a Project?
  • What is Project Management and project quality
  • Relationships Among Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, and Organizational Project Management
  • Relationship Between Project Management, Operations Management, and Organizational Strategy
  • Role of the Project Manager
  • Organizational influences and project life cycle
  • Project management processes
  • Project integration management
  • Project scope management
  • Project time management
  • Project cost management
  • Project quality management
  • Project human resource management
  • Project communications management
  • Project risk management
  • Project procurement management
  • Project stakeholder management