Radio Network Planning broadens your horizon on the core of Wireless Networking as covered in CWNA curriculum and GSM Engineering. It gives you a complete understanding of wireless networking and communication.


  • Wireless LAN and its applications
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals, RF behaviors, RF Antenna concepts and RF mathematics
  • Spread Spectrum Technology (FHSS,DSSS, OFDM and MIMO)
  • Wireless LAN Infrastructure Devices (Access points, Routers, Switches and Bridges)
  • Antennas and Accessories, Antenna categories and types, Antenna location and Installations
  • Wireless LAN Organizations and Standards (FCC rules, IEEE and Wi-Fi alliance)
  • 802.11 Network Architecture (SSID, Roaming, Positioning, Authentication and Power Management)
  • MAC and Physical Layers (RTS/CTS and Modulation)
  • WLAN set up and management (SOHO, PTP, PTMP and WISP)
  • Troubleshooting Wireless LAN Installations (Multipath, Hidden Node, Near Far, RF interference, Throughput and Weather.)
  • Wireless LAN Security and security policies
  • Site Survey Fundamentals
  • Introduction and Evolution of GSM (HSCSD, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS)
  • Features of GSM and GPRS network Architecture
  • GSM and GPRS network components (MS, TC, BTS, BSC, BSS, OMC, MSC, GMSC, PSTN NSS etc)
  • GSM terrestrial interfaces (Um, A, A-ter, Abis etc)
  • Channels on the air interface (Physical and Logical channels)
  • Radio interference optimization (power control and interference)
  • Call setup, Hand over and Call termination
  • Introduction to GPRS
  • Introduction to UMTS
  • Duration

  • Corporate training - 10 Days
  • Individual training - 2 months (weekdays)
  • Individual training - 4 months (Weekends)
  • Learning Process - Flexible
  • Benefits

    Mastering the principle of wireless systems network planning and Radio frequency (RF) plus GSM engineering gives you an edge in the labor market. It stands you out as a professional with exceptional skills and can also pay your bills as an entrepreneur. This is a highly sought after professional skill in the labor market with high salary and benefits.